Player Photo ID Cards


Appointments can be made with contacts below    

Brad 403-990-2615

No photo ID card  needed for drop-in games.

  • $20 debit/credit or cash!
  • Picture taken and card given at Home Office
  • Takes about 5 minutes to process a card.

 Card Conditions

1) No card = no play.  Don’t forget it at home, the refs won’t let you play without it.

2) Card is valid for as long as you look like the card.  No expiry or renewal needed.

3) Don’t misrepresent yourself by lending your card out or trying to use someone else’s.

4) If you receive a red card you can pick up your player card at the home office at the end of your suspension period.

5)  You can only play for one team per night per season.  No multiple teams on same night of play.  Yes you can play for other teams on other nights

6) Note if your player card is ineligible to read then the ref will not accept it.