Coed Outdoor League Rules

Notice To All Fooz Players

We have a strict no alcohol policy, the team caught drinking will be fined $50/per player caught. Alcohol is forbidden on public city fields. Fee must be paid before next game, or you will not be permitted to play.

Note: You can only play for one team per night per season. No multiple teams on same night of play. Yes, you can play for other teams on other nights.

  • Season runs from May to the end of September and includes 16 games with the top four teams making the playoffs. A total of 18 games are available if you make the playoffs
  • We play 11 on 11 soccer on full size fields
  • Matches are 90 minutes (45 minute halves, with 5 minutes intermission). Referees will start game clock at times specified on schedule, even if teams are not yet prepared to take the field. Games sheets and player cards are to be completed and handed in to referee prior to kick off..
  • Excluding the keeper you can never have more then 7 of 1 gender on the field at any time
  • No slide tackling. Only the keeper can while in his box when going for the ball
  • You must have 7 players to start a game and 2 of them most be girls
  • You can never play more then 7 of one gender on the field
    • If the keeper is female she does not count towards the minimum of 2 females on the field
  • No Ref= Self-Ref Game. It is rare for a ref to miss an assignment; if this occurs then the game will played self-ref style and captains will report the results.
  • NO player cards will be esued after your last regular season game before the playoff. Except for replacement cards


Each team is required to supply at least one (1) #5 FIFA regulation soccer ball for each game.


Teams must wear matching uniforms of the same color (with the exception of the goalkeeper). Jerseys need to be numbered unless given permission for an acceptable reason.

  • All players must where shin pads to play
  • No player card, no play, no exceptions
  • All jewelry must be removed before the start of the game
  • A forfeit will occur after the ref has started the game clock and you do not have the minimum number of players with in 10 min
  • All Players must have a player ID card to play
  • When making a substitution you may only sub 3 players a time
  • An offensive player may score from anywhere on the field
  • An intentional foot pass or throw in to the keeper = no hands
  • Defaults: in the unlikely event of a default; the defaulted team will receive a 6-0 loss. A default will be considered at 10 minutes past match start time. The bond must be replaced prior to the next game.
  • If there is a conflict in shirt color, the home team will change shirts. All teams should have two different sets of color shirts to accommodate this.
  • League rule subject to change with out notices

Environment Canada Calgary Weather Forecast

Everyone loves to play in fair weather, but you should expect games to be on in all types of weather. The exceptions: thunder storms, blizzards and other such extreme conditions.

All teams should arrive at the field expecting to play

1) If the ref says go, games are on.If the ref say no, then the game will be rescheduled.

2) If the ref says go, and both teams are not interested in playing, then they can request to the ref that a 0-0 draw be recorded, provided both teams have enough players to field a team.  These games will not be rescheduled!

3) If the ref says go and only one team is interested in playing, then the other team who is not willing to play will be in default and a 6-0 loss will be recorded.

The referee and League executive will not be held liable for any injuries sustained during a game, since it is the personal decision of each player whether or not to play.

Fines / Abuse And Harassment / Forfeit Police

Fines have been established to ensure compliance with basic league expectations. Fines are imposed for the following infractions and non-compliance:

  • Failure to have a team representative attend captain’s meeting: $30
  • Failure to provide a club linesmen: $30 (exception if team plays with no subs.)
  • Failure of home team to change shirts in the event of a clash: $30
  • A forfeit is $100/team and must be paid before the next game. Forfeits Fees double every week that they are not paid. After 3 weeks of not paying your forfeit fees your team will be removed from the league.
  • A forfeit is a 6 -0 loss to the recorded regardless of the score at the time of the incident or  when ever the league find out
  • More examples of a forfeit include:
    • No fooz coed soccer league game sheet
    • Not properly filling out all the fields on your game sheet
    • Note you will have 10 min after your schedule start time to fill out the game sheet in full or will forfeit your game
    • The Team Official or designated player
      placing his / her signature on a game sheet is verifying its
      accuracy and will be held accountable for the information recorded.
    • Playing with out shin pads
    • Playing with out a player ID card
    • Not having the right number of player to start a game

* All fines must be paid in full to the league before your next game. Paying at the field prior to your next game is not allowed. If your fines are not paid in full before your next game the fine doubles each week.

Abuse And Harassment Policies

  • Examples: Texting, calling or email mailing the league in a unprofessional manner.
  • Verbal abuse of any League member, League Board or Committee Member or League staff, will result in First time offenders will be suspended 3 to 5 game and $150. Note: Mandatory 3 game suspension.
  • Second time offenders will be suspended 5 to 8 game and $250. Note: mandatory 5 game suspension.
  • Individuals or teams who book an appointment with the Discipline Committee and fail to attend shall be subject to a fine of a minimum of $100.00.


  • NO Refunds after paying your league fees. In the event there is not enough Teams registered to run the Night you joined there will be a refund.
  • Minus $250 for team registrations  to cover all the transactions/administration fees.


  • 3 for a win
  • 1 for a tie
  • 0 for a loss


Playoffs will be determined by the number of points. If there is a tie, the result of head-to-head competition will determine standings. If teams tied in head-to-head, then best goals against will determine standing. If still tied, goals for, will determine standings. If a tie still exists, a coin flip will determine standings.

During playoffs, a penalty shots will determine winner if tied at the end of match play. Best of five with male/female alternate kickers. Sudden death.

Other Rules

Please leave pets at home.